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“Whenever I ask myself today why I still write poetry, I find that it's my way of celebrating existence, of admiring creation. It is my way of giving 'thanks'. It is my cry of despair against the distancing of nature and its destruction, and mankind's growing inability to 'conduct itself' in the world, because it's not possible to save it on one's own.”

Among the normal paperwork of this businessman's folder, every day one comes across loose pages and pieces of paper on which Alejandro Roemmers scribbles down sonnets. Whether writing it or not, poetry has been a way of life for him since childhood. “A path to spiritual perfection that has made me into a better person. For me, poetry is a special way to approach others. Words travel and make an impact. If I write for any particular reason, it is to try and bring light and love. If reading my book made you better in some way, that's wonderful! If not, I'm no poet...”.

«Loneliness is a mirror that looks at you through your own eyes...,» he wrote at fourteen. «Why don't you gather up all those bits of paper with poems that you've had since you were a boy and make them into a book?,» asked his mother and great driving force along the literary path, Hebe Colman de Roemmers. After publishing Soñadores, soñad (Dream, dreamers), «poetry took on another dimension for me. I realised that others might like what I wrote.”.

In 1995, Alejandro Roemmers published “Ancla fugaz” (Fleeting Anchor). The following year he was invited to present his collection of poems “España en mí” (Spain in me) at the National Library of Spain in Madrid. The journal “Proa” awarded him a medal in recognition of his work in October 1999. In 2001, he published his book “Más allá” (Beyond) in Buenos Aires; a book that met with great success in Chile and Spain. Five years later, in 2006 he presented a new collection of poems in Madrid, “Poemas elegidos” (Selected Poems), thus becoming the first Spanish American writer to be awarded the Premio Cultura Viva in the poetry section. That same year he presented his collection of poems “Como la arena” (Like sand), which won the Premio Internacional Sial in Spain, Mexico and Chile. Three years later, coinciding with the launch of the “The Return of the Young Prince” he was awarded the Premio Miguel Hernández for his poetry, not to mention the Premio Alianza in Spain.

On the other hand, lover as he is of poetry readings, Roemmers has had the privilege of reading his work in venues, as personal as they are magnificent, such as: Borge's Offices; The Mansion of Victoria Ocampo, Pablo Neruda's houses at Isla Negra and Valparaíso and Bibliotheca Alexandrina.