El Regreso del Joven Príncipe

“In all that you do, give the best of yourself so that your spirit is returned to you, and offer the best of yourself to each person so that they can return your love.”

“…You can't fail in love. The only mistake is to stop loving.”

“Neither a hundred books about the art of love add anything to a simple kiss, nor a hundred speeches to a single gesture of affection.”

“Just as with forgiveness, the person who loves most is the one most enriched by it.”

“The best way to solve a problem is not to think of it as a problem but just as a difficulty or a challenge.”

“The only real mistake is not going back and trying again and again, in different and creative ways, because if you limit yourself to repeating things you've done before, you'll only be given what you've already got.”

“If we treat others as what they are, they will carry on being the same; but if we treat them as what they might become, they will realise their full potential.”

“- ...Often the thing we lack can be a source of happiness, as that's what allows others to complement us.”

“I think this planet would be a lovely place if everyone on it greeted each other with a smile when they met.”

“Beware those who destroy your dreams with the excuse of doing you a favour, because they generally don't have anything good to replace them with!”

“Fate always finds a way to make us learn the things we resist the most, the things we least want to accept.”

El Regreso del Joven Príncipe