The Story

«“The Return of the Young Prince” is a book for all ages. It is a simple, poetic story in which I try to convey the experiences and knowledge I have accumulated down the years. I see life as a great opportunity in which spiritual development is all important. You want to preserve your innocence, while at the same asking yourself what to do against the great injustices, evil, betrayals, etc.

I wrote this book in nine days of isolation. Emanating from the very depths of my being, it is an attempt to give some answers. Even though it originally circulated among a small group of beloved people who are close to me, its destiny soon changed. The interest and enthusiasm it inspired established it among an ever increasing public. The response of its readers made me see that I ought to share this search and life experience. My own life's development.

This work has had a completely transforming effect: it allowed me to close a period of my life where I was a sad and depressed man and leave it behind, allowing me to access another, that of the successful and happy man that I have managed to become.”».

(Alejandro Roemmers)


The Return of the Young Prince” is a story about the imagined return to the planet Earth of the Little Prince. No longer a child, he still preserves the same humanist and spiritual view of the world, its inhabitants and the basic values that underpin it. A man travelling alone by car through the vast expanses and desolate roads of Patagonia – the very same over which Saint-Exupéry flew – comes across a helpless teenager who seems to be that Little Prince, now grown, who has returned to Earth. Two such disparate travellers strike up a profound and surprising conversation which gradually, and with great simplicity, lays bare the great questions of existence. Thus, the trip becomes a truly spiritual journey, shifting from innocence to maturity, the everyday to the transcendent, and from sadness to the joy and enthusiasm of living.